Google acquired Jaiku

According to Official Google Blog: Reach out and message someone, Google acquired Jaiku.

begin rant mode

I wonder how many social networking services are out there? And how many of them will Google need? (talking about Orkut)

The proliferation of these kind of services is a bit annoying. I think these services are useful to stay in touch with people. I don't really care about making new friends on-line at the moment but I like to use these services to stay in touch and know what my friends have been up to. But with all these services, I keep receiving invitations from friends in different services. It's annoying to maintain accounts in Orkut, Hi5, Jaiku and others I don't even remember the name... but I know I have created more accounts somewhere in time.

"But Jaiku can be used on your mobile" you tell me. I guess each of this services has something the others don't have. I'm sure I wont be convincing all my friends to change service every time some new feature comes up. It's like the IM networks war all over again. Until I started using IM clients that connect to multiple networks. ARGH!

end rant mode

... there. It's out.