The Book Depository

I love books. I love reading books. Real books. The ones you can touch, open and go through the paper pages. Carry with you anywhere without worrying about Internet connectivity or any piece of technology whatsoever. So I buy the books I need whenever possible.

A problem for me is that in Portugal, books tend to be expensive. Specially translated books. To avoid this high prices, I turn to the Internet and on-line book stores. The most used on-line book store, Amazon.

I find books in Amazon usually cheaper than in Portugal. For instance, I bought a book from Amazon for about €45 that was being sold in Portugal for €76. But there's still a problem. The shipping costs.

Recently I learnt about The Book Depository, tip from a college professor. This site has books at an affordable price and they don't even charge shipping cost for a wide number of countries including western Europe.

My most recent purchase: Critical Chain.