Personal finance free eBooks

Being employed in a bank, I have gain interest in finance subjects. Being a normal personal, I also like to have money. Therefore I like to learn everything I can about how to control my finances and increase my wealth. There's an interesting post at the www.mint.com project blog about some free ebooks that can help you with this goals. I have not read any of the ebooks yet but I definitely will. Even though many (if not all) of the books seem to be written for U.S. citizens, I think they all have nice tips and information for everyone.

I'm also keeping an eye on the www.mint.com project because they are building a free personal finance web-app. I have used various kind of apps (including by own) for this purpose but all of them had at least one flaw. The most common flaw: difficult to maintain up to date. I wonder if a web-app that I can access wherever I am as long as I have an Internet connection will do it...