Current status

Well... after a few days going around this thing (the blog), I'm starting to like it. I maintain a website that I used as a weblog even before I ever heard about weblogs. But the thing is, the interface to post new messages, edit and delete them is much better here. Maintaining the site also takes time which I don't have much at the moment. Also, I like how Google/Blogger integrate services like the Blogger, Google Reader, Google Calendar, GMail, etc...

At the same time, I had the idea to make a blog in Portuguese with information about computers for my Portuguese friends that don't know much about computers.

So I decided to follow a friend of mine's idea (yes, I copied his idea) and created two blogs. This one in English and the one in Portuguese. The site will remain for my projects and I hope to updated it soon with more info and resources. A new site is on the make but has been like that for some months without any visible progress...

The Portuguese blog have also been very quiet because I haven't decided yet how will I make my Portuguese friends read it :D

This blog also has no readers but at least I'm having fun :D