Geek on wheels

After years of dreaming of ridding a motorcycle, I finally got my license. But that wasn't all I needed to accomplish my dream. I also needed a bike. Off course there were always a lot of biker friends around to borrow a bike from. My favourite was my sister-in-law's 2008 black and white Triumph Bonneville T100. But it's not the same thing. I needed MY OWN bike.

Two years too late, it finally came the time to get my bike. My search was a bit short. Too short maybe. But what did I search for?

  • not too expensive
  • classic look
  • easy to ride
  • practical

As you can see, I lack the mechanical expertise to look for mechanical characteristics. I did ask a few experts but their opinions were almost always concluded with "... but you should try before you buy and choose whatever makes you feel better...". So short story really short, I got myself a 2010 Triumph Bonneville T100 Black and I'm enjoying every minute. Ridding this bike seems to me a pretty good definition of feeling good.

I did look at the Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 Iron, sometimes compared to the Bonneville, but I was already in love with the Bonneville. I have to admit what I mostly like about this motorcycle is how it looks. It's absolutely beautiful. I love it's classic look and British accent. It is also a very easy bike to ride even for a newbie like me and very practical for day to day ride. So it certainly seems to fit me very well. It's not that good in the "not too expensive" department but it scores so well in my other requisites that it won hands down.

Now let's ride...