My new Mighty Mouse

I purchased an Apple Mighty Mouse. I finally gave in to Apple I guess. The mouse just looked so great, goes perfectly with my MacBook and has a lot of good reviews.

Ok... Now I have a very good looking mouse. But is it any good? Definitely. Something that easily gets on my nerves is a bad mouse. But this one really makes me happy.

Pointing precision is just perfect. I think I never had such a good precision mouse. Off course, like most optical mouses, you have to be careful with the surface you use it on. I had some trouble with a homogeneous table surface but nothing serious.

At first, I was afraid that I would have trouble adapting to the right click button. If you don't know, the mouse only has one main button. The whole surface of the mouse is a button. To right click, you must lift the finger at the left of the ball button and press with your finger on the right. To left click, you just press the mouse anywhere as long as you have one finger on the left of the mouse button. I adapted ok to this behaviour for most work I do with the computer. But I tried playing an FPS game and that didn't go so well...

The ball button is simply useful. It works just like most vertical scrolling wheels but it also scrolls horizontally. It can also be used as a third mouse button. Again, the whole surface of the mouse is the button but if you are pressing the ball at the time, the mouse will act as you are pressing mouse button 3.

There's something I don't like about the mouse. The side buttons. As far as I know, the two buttons as actually the same button (only one function can be associated to both buttons). And the buttons are just hard to press. Not only because they seem a little stiff but also because of their location. Ok, I can adapt my hand position and maybe, after a while, I will get used to it and find an easy way to reach the buttons. But I'll still have to use too much strength to press them.

The mouse also works on Linux and Windows XP.

- looks good
- feels good
- good precision
- nice and useful scrolling ball

- side buttons hard to use
- fast alternate access to all buttons (like in gaming) seems hard to accomplish


The mouse is great for general working but stay away from it if you want a mouse for gaming. It has very good precision but the mouse buttons are hard to handle if you need fast alternate access to all the buttons.

I would give it an 8 out of 10.